About K-Spar

K-Spar Inc. was established in 1994 to provide consulting services that focused on environmental contaminant transport modeling and radiological dose risk assessment.

President and founder Arthur S. Rood, has over 25 years of experience in radiological and environmental risk assessment. K-Spar has a unique working relationship with the Risk Assessment Corporation (RAC) of Neeses South Carolina and is a member of the RAC research team.

Through working with the RAC team, K-Spar has participated in some of the major dose reconstruction projects including the Rocky Flats Plant, Savannah River Site and the Hanford Reservation. Additionally, K-Spar has participated in a number of special studies including determination of appropriate soil action levels at the Rocky Flats Plant, analysis of the Cerro Grande Fire at Los Alamos, New Mexico, and reconstruction of exposures and doses from the Uravan uranium mill, Uravan, Colorado. K-Spar also performs modeling work for low-level radioactive waste performance assessment and air modeling for PSD analysis and analysis of air monitoring networks.